What You Seek is Seeking You

Uncharted Waters

Its been awhile now & so it all begins. The calling grows stronger & you can’t ignore it any further. You may have your excuses of pushing aside that little voice in your head which pulls you to your destiny , to your life purpose but you can’t work against the destiny !

For you are the Grace manifested .

Through You the Creation works and this you shall Never Forget !

About the Photograph -Title of the photograph is one of my favorite quotes from the great works of Rumi , the Sufi Saint. You shall find me quoting him quite often in my writings . The photograph was taken by me while travelling to Mt. Kailash in Tibet  region in 2012 . This trip became the most important one in my life where I connected myself to photography & through that to the Soul .

The play of light &  shadow the depth, the long looping road gradually revealing itself as we move forward depicts our life journey. Just as we move onwards to our destination , slowly absorbing in & experiencing what our journey has to offer , we move on in our lives to an unknown destination , forgetting that its the journey & not the destination which is more bigger & important .

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