No Secrets !


No Secrets !!

“There is No Secret Ingredient , Its just YOU” ~KungFu Panda( Animation Movie 2008)

I took rather long to write my second blog post, being undecided on the theme for the website. To make it a photography or a travel blog, what kind of posts would attract more readers , what genre of photography is more popular etc etc blah blah ! Since I am new to both blogging & photography , I kept doubting myself , like we always do while starting a new chapter of our lives . With negative thoughts around me , I decided to switch-off from this matter for sometime and watch T.V instead .

Universe guides us all the time on our paths ; we just need to be fully present in the NOW.

So while watching this movie -KungFu Panda (I can watch it so many times) , there comes a dialogue in which Po (the Panda) is running away from fighting the evil and says that he should go back to noodle making asking his father the secret recipe of noodle soup .

And the reply comes – No Secrets !  That is the moment of Po’s enlightenment & Yes for me too 😉

We just keep forgetting it – We are the Secret Ingredient to success! If we only do what we can do, we will never be better than what we are .Unless we unlock our potential , come out of our comfort zones , we won’t able to explore our hidden talents .

Photograph :-

I selected this photograph of a Locked Door for this blog post as to me it depicts the locked up potential we have in each one of us which needs unlocking by none other than ourselves. The photograph is from my trip to Himachal Pradesh , Kangra in 2014 . This is an old wooden door at the entrance of  Kangra Fort . The Fort is in ruins and is maintained as a tourist place along with a museum  by the Royal Family of Kangra. the fort is about 10kms from the hill station Dharamshala. If you enjoy exploring history include this in your itinerary next time you visit Himachal.



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