While I was away…

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While I was away a lot happened around the world !

As the calendar flipped -season’s changed , autumn led way to onset of winter, Down under ( New Zealand) & Far East (Japan) earth shook , there was chaos in my home country India as the demon of corruption fought with the demon of de-monetization , political climate changed in The USA and finally we stepped in another YEAR – 2017 !!

Lots of things had kept me busy in last six months of which the best was that HIS Grace blessed me with a beautiful adorable niece and that gave me another chance to – TRAVEL & pickup my CAMERA & explore California !
I spent a lot of time with myself , thinking about future – work-wise & personal , regenerating myself besides spending some quality time with my niece.
I keep reading ” Life is Here & Now” “Live the Moment” but always fail as I keep worrying about the future . And as they say life keeps repeating the lesson until you learn from it .Life is not about stability , it’s about experiment where we change daily & learn daily. Lot of people walk along with us however no one can walk for us , some journeys we need to make ourselves only .

“Being aware that what we have isn’t endless brings meaning to all the steps along the way”
Read these much meaningful words somewhere. This universe might be endless but our time on this beautiful planet is not endless. So choose wisely where and how you invest your time .

Planning never works for me ! Period ! Hence I do not want to make plans for 2017 .
I want to take each day as it comes . Though largely I aim to travel more , click more , smile more & love more 🙂

I look forward to sharing with you -Photographs & Learnings from my journeys & work on my Facebook page

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Love Laugh Be Kind ,do what brings peace to your soul & be with me on my Mystik Journey !


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