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Boudhanath Stupa Nepal Kathmandu Visit

“The Trouble is You Think You Have Time” ~ Buddha

I had always wanted to write a diary, to pour out my thoughts aloud. Though there have been few scribblings on & off but I could never chronicle them in a sequential manner. So I start here documenting one of the most memorable invigorating excursion of my life till now.

It was June 2012, my journey to Mt. Kailash in Tibet started from Nepal. The 12days long trip gave me a host of experiences, bunch of new friends and connected me to photography & give a certain direction!

Kathmandu ~

In Nepal Kathmandu , we stayed at Crowne Plaza Kathmandu-Soaltee , a peacefully located lovely property with sprawling greenery around , tucked away from the hustle bustle of the city with all the modern amenities , spa & casino as well .We stayed there for 2 nights and it provided a very comforting rest before our long unpredictable novel journey ahead. My all women group comprised of ladies from all over the geography of India , age group from 25-65yrs and were housewives or professionals in field of medicine, finance or students . All had one thing in common though – the Spirit of Travel, experiencing life & embracing the unknown!

On our Day1 in Kathmandu , we visited the famous landmarks – Durbar Square , Pashupatinath Temple , Boudhanath . Evening was spent doing what women love i.e. shopping exploring the market of Thamel stocking up last minute stuff for our upcoming trek in the Tibetan Plateau .

Since camera was not allowed inside the famous Shiva Temple –Pashupatinath, I could only manage to get couple of photographs of the entrance. The temple, one of seven monument groups in UNESCO’s designation of Kathmandu as a cultural heritage site, is the oldest temple that dates back to 400 AD. The Shivalinga here is Chaturmukha (four-faced statue) and is famous for its awe-inspiring and astounding pagoda architecture. The temple remained unharmed in the April 2015 Nepal earthquake , which proved disastrous for other famous historical landmarks .

Boudhanath Stupa Nepal Kathmandu Visit~

Boudhanath also known as Boudha in local accent and is listed in world heritage list by UNESCO in 1979. Boudha is a very engrossing and spiritual area where devotees walk around enchanting holy mantra Om Mani Padme Hum. The five elements representing Buddha(earth, air, water, fire and space) are comprised in the Stupas architecture. Surroundings of Boudha Stupa are streets and narrow alleys where the walls are painted with Budha images & scripts with vibrant lines. Boudha stupa is semicircle shaped and many say that it may contain the relics and remaining of Buddha. The huge mandala makes it one of the largest spherical stupas in the world. The huge dome is built on 2 platforms & each part of a stupa has a specific significance, creating a three-dimensional representation of important elements of Buddhist philosophy to remind devotees of the path towards enlightenment. The eyes painted on the stupa are the representation of Lord Buddha’s omnipotent powers of seeing all that can be in the past, present as well as in futures. In Buddhism, it is believed that every sentient beings can attain eyes of Wisdom and can see what lies beyond material world. But even though people feel despair in this muddled world, and also distracted and deluded by greed, ignorance, hatred, and lead to the darkness of the life. Only light of wisdom can lead these people out of darkness. And lord Buddha eyes of Wisdom bring the light in the dark times and lead the people to the path to enlightenment.

I have compiled a short photo slide of Boudhanath , all photographs clicked by me with my Sony point & shoot camera .

The Boudhanath structure was highly damaged in the April 2015 Nepal Earthquake and restoration work is under progress currently on the site .The 7.8magnitude April 2015 earthquake destroyed almost all the major UNESCO Heritage sites in Kathmandu valley, villages flattened , thousands rendered homeless across the country .

Nature has its own way of reminding us of our Impermanence !

In our daily life , trying to accumulate more & more material wealth – big house ,fancy car, hefty pay check, next promotion , we keep forgetting that Today is all we have got. We forget that Nature is more powerful than Humans. In a matter of few seconds everything can be destroyed , what a human takes years to accumulate & build .

We need to be more aware of Today , to value what cannot be destroyed .This moment is our only guaranteed opportunity to be thoughtful, compassionate, understanding, forgiving, and kind to the people we value .

Live More Worry Less 🙂

What Are You Waiting For ?


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