About the Artist

The Artwork – Photographs & Writings on this website have been framed by Deepti .

She is an experienced Private Banker by profession .
Photography & Travel are her passions which make her feel alive .
She is a self-taught photographer, a mystic spirit looking at the Universe through the aperture & unveiling the amazing life around through the shutter ! She loves to capture whatever appeals to her heart & has not defined or limited herself to any specific genre of photography .A spiritual person at heart , photography makes her feel connected with life & is a meditation medium for her !

She believes Forever is Here & Now and this is what Photography teaches us.

Besides photography she indulges in Yoga & Meditation and is an avid reader & nature lover.

You are welcome to join her on this beautiful life journey through this portal where she shares some of her frames , as she grows in life as a spiritual person & her pursuits to master the art of photography !

Do write in for any specific queries you may have on her work or to connect as new artist friends to exchange notes on the Art of Photography & Living